We are direct importers of the majority of UPS batteries that we use, making our pricing extremely competitive in the market place.

Our team consists of qualified and experienced UPS technicians, Electricians, Diesel Mechanics, & Generator Technicians.

All UPS’ require periodic maintenance. Line-Interactive UPS maintenance is cost prohibitive, and most clients do not seek out maintenance until such time as the battery has failed.

The importance of a correctly functioning UPS cannot be emphasised enough. UPS malfunction can cause extensive hardware damage as well as data corruption resulting in expensive bills and hours of downtime. It is thus essential that UPS’s are serviced on a regular basis. Alpha Power has a full range of maintenance contracts, as well as the technical expertise and test equipment to ensure that servicing and repairs are professionally and competitively done.

Gensets should be serviced once per annum, or every 100 hours, whichever occurs first.

We offer major and minor services for all makes of gensets, and as with the UPS servicing we provide the client with a full service report.

We are a direct importer for our own UPS batteries, making us extremely competitive in the market place.

We offer 5 and 10 year design life sealed gel batteries, and vented lead calcium batteries. All batteries are sold with a standard 12 month warranty.

As an extra service for our clients, we are able to offer power analysis on site using the most advanced analysers and loggers available in South Africa.

Very often there are unexplainable electrical issues on site, which we can solve using analysis. Issues such as harmonics, brown outs, spikes and surges, can all go unnoticed, but can lead to costly repair bills on equipment. We also offer thermal imaging, and earth conductivity testing. All testing and analysis is done in house by our electrical engineers, with full reports including graphs and diagrams, as well as proposed solutions for the problems.

As direct importers of UPS systems designed for the African marketplace, and distributors of world class gensets.

Alpha Power is able to offer turn-key solutions for our clients. From product sizing, to project implementation, electrical and rigging work, Alpha Power can make power solutions stress free for our clients.

We keep it personal, for you.

Customised contracts can be drawn up with corporate and private individuals for the routine servicing/maintenance of UPS and Gensets.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is available for all our On-Line UPS’.

It is used in network management systems to monitor the UPS for conditions that warrant administrative attention. The client can customise the SNMP to send emails should there be UPS faults, as well as systematically shutting attached servers should there be a power outage.