Automatic voltage regulators, or AVRs, are used to regulate voltage levels automatically. They are used in generators, which can often deliver fluctuating voltage levels and lead to equipment damage. There are many different types of voltage regulators out there and it’s essential that you choose the optimal option for your specific equipment load. If you aren’t sure, let Alpha Power help determine this for you. Knowing what to look for and why you need one in the first place, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and keep your equipment functioning properly.

What is an AVR?

An automatic voltage regulator constantly takes variable voltage levels and converts them into a fixed voltage for output. They ensure that even if you have fluctuating voltage levels, that your electrical equipment still receives a steady electrical supply. You can read more about this on our blog.

Why Install an AVR?

There are many reasons you may need an AVR to help regulate electrical loads. We have compiled 4 reasons why.

1. Prevent Equipment Damage

Without an automatic voltage regulator, you may experience a spike or surge in power, which can permanently damage expensive electrical equipment. While everyone should be using an AVR to protect their equipment, it’s especially crucial for those who rely on equipment for their business. If your electrical equipment is essential to your operations, such as for manufacturing, a damaged machine will not only cost you for repairs but it will also mean you’ll be unable to run your business — losing money in the process.

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2. You Have an Unregulated Generator

While some generators may come with an automatic voltage regular, many do not. An unregulated generator will be unable to control its voltage output, and as load requirements increase, terminal voltage will decrease. Equipment that uses electricity will function better, for longer, with a consistent and regulated voltage supply.

3. Longer Generator Life

Installing an AVR on an unregulated generator will help to keep the generator functioning optimally. An unregulated generator with an AVR will last much longer than one without, meaning you won’t have to replace it so soon. Since generators are a considerable investment, the longer you can make yours last, the better.

4. Prevent Shorting

Automatic voltage regulators are effective for protection, helping to prevent spikes, surges, and sags. They will allow your generator to handle any overloads and even divide it if you are running more than one generator. By effectively responding to electrical overloads, an AVR can help you avoid shortages. If you’re running a piece of equipment or machinery and it shorts out, that could cause big problems. For example, if you’re manufacturing something and it stops halfway through, the project could be ruined.

Purchase an AVR from Alpha Power

Get in touch with us today if you would like to know more about the importance of installing an AVR on your home generator for commercial purposes. There are many appliances and electronics within the home that are sensitive to power surges, such as audio/video equipment, computer systems, refrigerators, flatscreen TVs, etc. These items all require a substantial financial investment and having an AVR will help you prevent costly repairs or even permanent damage.

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