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UPS suppliers in Johannesburg for commercial and personal use.

We strive to build strong with our clients in the retail, wholesale, fuel and IT Industry, developing relationships to give the end user reliable and clean power in times of need. We are extremely confident in our products that have been sourced from leading manufacturers in Europe and the East. Our products will live up to harsh African conditions and will provide clean power required by sensitive IT infrastructure.

What Are The Benefits Of Uninterruptible Power Supply.

UPS Systems Available in Johannesburg

Alpha Power are UPS suppliers in Johannesburg. We provide a range of UPS systems, capacities and sizes to fit any business or home. View more of our UPS products below.

Our Services.

Our pricing is extremely competitive in the marketplace as we are direct importers of most UPS batteries we use. The Alpha Power team comprises qualified and experienced UPS technicians, Electricians, Diesel Mechanics, & Generator Technicians.

All UPS systems require periodic maintenance. Line-Interactive UPS maintenance is cost prohibitive, and most clients do not seek out maintenance until such time as the battery has failed.

The importance of a correctly functioning UPS cannot be emphasized enough. A UPS malfunction can cause extensive hardware damage, including the loss of critical data. This information is invaluable and can result in expensive bills and many hours of downtime. Therefore, it is essential that UPS’s are serviced regularly. We provide a full range of UPS maintenance services as well as the technical expertise and test equipment to ensure that servicing and repairs have been professionally and competitively done.

We import UPS batteries directly from suppliers ensuring you receive an extremely competitive solution.

We offer 5- and 10-year design life-sealed gel batteries, and vented lead calcium batteries. All batteries are sold with a standard 12-month warranty.

As an extra service for our clients, we offer power analysis on site using highly advanced analysers and loggers available in South Africa.

There are often unexplainable electrical issues on site which we can solve using analysis. Issues such as harmonics, brown outs, spikes and surges, can all go unnoticed, but can result in costly bills to repair equipment. Additionally, we offer thermal imaging, and earth conductivity testing. All testing and analyses are done in-house by our electrical engineers, with full reports including graphs and diagrams, as well as proposed solutions to the problems provided.

Our solutions are stress-free and power-ready.

We can offer turn-key solutions for our clients from product sizing to project implementation, electrical and rigging work.

We keep it personal, just for you.

Tailored contracts can be drawn up with corporate and private individuals for the periodic servicing or maintenance of UPS and Gensets.

What You Need to Know.

Learn more about Alpha Power’s UPS Systems.

Who Can Use a UPS?2020-03-10T12:38:24+00:00

It does not require skills to operate a UPS but the user needs to be aware that a utility electricity supply must be present.

Why Install a UPS?2020-03-10T12:37:19+00:00

It is widely believed that the only function of a UPS is to provide power during an electricity outage. Power failures, even when loadshedding is implemented, are not daily occurrences but dips, surges, spikes and harmonics (dirty power) are. These electric instabilities can cause as many if not, more issues than power failures.

When considering microprocessor-based equipment, both hardware (equipment) failure and software (data corruption) failure are as a direct result of these unseen disturbances. A UPS, more specifically, an online UPS will resolve majority of these problems.

The Different UPS Categories?

A UPS can be categorised into 3 main types;

Online UPS2020-03-10T12:47:18+00:00

In comparison to the two UPS’s above, the inverter of an online UPS is always running and feeding the load. The inverter supplies a sine wave output. The main electricity supply feeds the battery which keeps them charged and the inverter running. During an outage, the inverter continues running, being powered by batteries, This UPS system provides excellent regulation with the output isolated from the UPS input. This is the best option of UPS’s to provide power to critical

Unlike the 2 types of UPS above, the inverter of this UPS is always running and feeding the load. The output of the inverter is a sine wave. The utility mains feed the battery which keeps the batteries charged and the inverter running. In the event of an outage, the inverter keeps running, being powered by the batteries. The regulation of this type of UPS is excellent and the output is isolated from the UPS input. This is the ideal type of UPS to provide power to critical electronic equipment.

Line Interactive UPS2020-03-10T12:46:43+00:00

A line interactive UPS is a more sophisticated version of the offline UPS. Some systems have a sine wave output. In addition to the battery charger, battery and inverter, a line interactive UPS features a built-in regulator to stabilise power fluctuations. This system may not be suitable for certain sensitive electronic equipment as it neither provides adequate regulation nor provides good input to output voltage isolation.

Offline or Stand By UPS2020-03-10T12:45:56+00:00

This is the most basic type of UPS systems and is suited to areas where utility power is stable, only seeing the occasional electric outage. This UPS system comprises a battery charger, battery and an inverter that has a square wave output. This system works by switching on the inverter to produce a square wave output to support the load in times when a power failure occurs.

Alpha Power are UPS suppliers in Johannesburg

Our combination of efficient turn-key supply, and streamlined service, repairs and battery replacements, have made us a market leader in the supply of niche solutions to suit any size need. Contact us today for a quote.

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