UPS Battery Supply Services in Gauteng

At Alpha Power, we directly import our own UPS batteries. We work to be extremely competitive in the market, and deliver professional results and services every time, with quality and efficiency in mind.

All of our batteries are provided with a standard 12-month warranty service, and we are available for advice at any time.

What Battery Supply Service Do We Offer?

Here you can find details regarding our battery supply service. We offer batteries, spares, and replacements, as well as ready to offer any advice for your UPS requirements.


Our UPS Battery Supply Services in Gauteng mean that we are fully equipped for providing batteries and spares for your location.

We can offer sealed gel batteries with either 5 or 10-year design life, to best suit your needs and budget.

We also offer vented lead-calcium batteries.

We can offer replacements for any of the above batteries to ensure that your system is always working efficiently. You can contact us at any time about replacement advice.

UPS systems require regular maintenance, even when the power supply seems fully functional. This periodic maintenance is crucial to extend the lifespan of your product and ensure that it is working properly and efficiently at all times. Regular maintenance is fundamental as part of your routine, as maintenance should never be left until the battery has failed.

It is easy to neglect any maintenance until such a time when you see the importance of it if your battery use is compromised. Still, to have peace of mind and ensure that you never have to worry about your battery failing, we can provide you with professional standard periodic maintenance to suit your needs.

We want your UPS to always be in its best condition, which is why we highly encourage regular maintenance. If your UPS happens to malfunction due to failure of maintenance, this has the power to cause significant damage to your hardware. Not only that, but data corruption is entirely possible, too.

To avoid expensive bills and the time-consuming process of tending to the damage, consider your regular maintenance service schedule with Alpha Power.

We Have a Full Range of Maintenance Contracts to Suit You.

We will always pair you with a maintenance schedule which suits your needs, and this will always be supplied by our professional team, providing technical expertise at all times. Our test equipment also ensures that all services, maintenance work and repairs are professionally completed, always to a high standard.

Dedicated Service from Alpha Power in Gauteng

Our expertise and extensive history of high-quality service means that you will always be provided with the best support and servicing needs for your UPS.

Contact our helpful team today about your UPS battery supply service and maintenance needs.


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