HT33 Series – 10KVA-80KVA – 3/3 Phase


  • Double conversion online technology
  • Adopt DSP technology
  • LCD display touch control
  • Adopt ECO mode
  • Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software
  • Adopt EPO mode
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Charging coltage can be adjusted
  • N+X parallel
  • Optional SNMP USB/RS458


Capacity 10-40kVA50-80kVA
InputInputThree Phase four wire & Ground
Rated Voltage380/400/415VAC
Voltage Range208-478V
Frequency Range45-55Hz at 50Hz/54-66Hz (adoptive)
Power Factor≥0,99
Input current harmonic≤ 3% (100% non-linear load)
Bypass VoltageBypass Protection voltage Upper
limit: 220V; +25% (optional:10%, 15%, 20%);
230V: +20% (optional:10%, 15%)
240V:15% (optional:10%)
Bypass Protection voltage lower
Limit: - 20% (optional 20%, 30%)
Bypass Frequency Protected Range: ?10%
OutputOutputThree Phase four wire + Ground
Rated Voltage380/400/415VAC
Power Factor0.9 or 0.8
Voltage accuracy?1%
Output FrequencyMainsSynchronize with input; when the main
frequency exceeds the maximum (can set ?
1%, ?2%, ?4%, ?5%) output frequency
50 x (?0.2)Hx
Battery(50/60 ?0.2%)Hz
Load Peak Ratio3:1
Output total harmonic≤2% linear load, ≤5% non-linear load
EfficiencyNormal Mode ≥ 94.5%
BatteryBattery voltage192V DC / ? 192V DC
Charging Current10A max20A max
Exchange TimeMains mode turn to bypass mode: 0ms (track)
Mains mode turn to battery mode: 0ms
Overload Capability≤110%, 60 minutes,
≤125%, maintain10 minutes,
≤150%, maintain 1 minute
Protection≥150% shut down the machine
Over Temperature ProtectionNormal Mode: turn to bypass mode
Battery Mode: shutdown the output immediately
Emergency shutdownShut down the output immediately
USB, RS485, Dry Node, Parallel (optional)