You can rest easy knowing that you can contact our helpline any time and expect quick and efficient support service, whenever you need it.

Genset Hire & Maintenance Services in Johannesburg

If you’re searching for Genset servicing, hire services, and UPS systems, you can depend on Alpha Power. Our direct importation service will always find the best solution for your needs. With our professional service, you can expect a wide range of wholesale agreements and distributorships to all relevant companies.

What we do is combine turn-key solutions with a streamlined service. As a market leader for niche power solutions, this ensures that we always maintain our top, professional position for all your needs. Whether it is battery replacements, Genset servicing or any maintenance work, our team is always ready to help.

What You Can Expect with Alpha Power?

Our services are varied and thorough, ensuring that you will always find what you need. If there is anything which you are searching for in particular which you cannot find on our website, please don’t hesitate to speak with us: we will be happy to help.

  • Sales of UPS systems

  • Sales of AVRs

  • Sales of Gensets

  • 24 Hour service facility

  • On-site evaluations

  • Service of UPS systems

  • Service of Gensets and inverters

  • Thermal imaging

  • Battery replacements

  • Power Analysis

  • Turn-key solutions

  • Service Level Agreements

Our Genset  Servicing.

We offer all relevant servicing for all makes and models of Gensets, as part of our dependable service. This includes any updates or tasks required for your Genset system, whether major or minor.

Not only that, but you will always receive a full and detailed servicing report when we have treated your Genset system. We will then be available to answer any further questions you may have.

How Often Should a Genset Be Serviced?

Gensets should be serviced once every year, or every 100 hours of use — whichever occurs first. You can contact us any time regarding an imminent service, or for further advice about when a servicing is due.

Our Professional Team

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced individuals, including UPS technicians, mechanics, electricians and generator technicians. Our service includes a wealth of knowledge and expertise and our team is dedicated to any job we carry out.

We are located across the continent, including Johannesburg and Cape Town.

At Alpha Power, we are always focused on delivering quality service. We will always supply and service your equipment to the highest possible standard, and always tailored to your specific need.

During the course of work, we have complete safety and environmental awareness, and will always implement the most cost-efficient methods.

We Have Over 30 Years’ Service and are Ready to Help

We are proud to have over three decades’ worth of experience as a leading supplier of UPSes. This expertise allows us to always provide the very best support and servicing to our customers, with Genset systems, UPS, batteries, and more.

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