Electrical devices plugged into an outlet will require a consistent flow of power. Unfortunately, a power surge can happen in a nanosecond but can stop a device from working altogether.

6 Things about Surge Protection You Need to Know

Power surges are often caused by an electric malfunction, a lightning strike, or a power grid problem. Thankfully, we at Alpha Power know that it is possible to protect your devices should the above problems occur. Here’s everything you need to know about surge protection.

Surge Protection Factor #1: Annual Outages in Africa

While many African countries have taken steps to expand their electrical output, many people are continuing to struggle with regular blackouts and brownouts, which is typically caused by infrastructure failures and capacity shortages. In fact, some countries reportedly experience an annual outage from 50 to 4,600 hours. Homes and businesses must look for ways to protect their devices from a surge and improve their flow of power.

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Surge Protection Factor #2: Invest in a UPS

Businesses are often dependent on electricity and multiple outlets for their operations. If this is the case, you would be smart to invest in a UPS system, which can provide your property with power during an outage.

Electrical instabilities cannot only be frustrating, but surges and spikes could seriously damage your technology. A UPS will, however, run off a battery using an inverter, and the powerline will run via the battery charger. It can, therefore, regulate your computer’s power supply, which can serve as an ideal solution to counteract Africa’s unique power issues.

Surge Protection Factor #3: Improve Profitability with Surge Protection

A power outage or computer failure cannot only lead to lost time, but it could be detrimental to your annual revenue. A dependable UPS system will allow you to avoid replacing or repairing damaged computers, which could be caused by a sudden shutdown, power malfunction, or a lightning strike. Despite the initial upfront cost, it could preserve your technology and save your business a substantial amount of money in the long-term.

Surge Protection Factor #4: Safeguard Your Important Data

A damaged computer could also result in your business losing sensitive files, which could be integral to your company’s success. A UPS will, however, protect your equipment and, in turn, your most important data, such as your brand’s trade secrets, customer information, employees’ personal details, and more.

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Surge Protection Factor #5: Service Your UPS System

For a UPS system to function efficiently throughout the years, it must be serviced regularly. At Alpha Power, we provide a variety of maintenance contracts to service the hardware, which can prevent data corruption and a malfunction that could damage the technology. If you fail to service a unit, it’s possible you could face hours of downtime or expensive bills.

Surge Protection Factor #6: Identify Power Surge Issues

If you’re struggling with an electrical issue on-site, it could be caused by a surge, brownout, spike, or harmonics. Unfortunately, these problems can be challenging to identify, but they could result in expensive repair bills to restore your much-needed equipment.

If this is the case, you should invest in power analysis from us, as our in-house electrical engineers will test and analyse your unexplainable electrical problems. Plus, we can provide advice and solutions on how to protect your devices from a surge or another power issue.

Alpha Power are the Surge & UPS Specialists

So, if you would like to protect your business from a potential power surge or another electrical problem, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Alpha Power to learn more about our UPS systems and power analysis service.

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