The best name in the Game

As direct importers of UPS systems and batteries, inverters and AVR , we are able to offer wholesale agreements and distributorships to qualifying companies. Please contact us for more information.. Our combination of efficient turn-key supply, and streamlined service, repairs and battery replacements, have made us a market leader in the supply of niche solutions to suite any size need.

Alpha Power strives to be recognised as one of the leading business organisations in its core area of business activity, both within South Africa and abroad, promoting, fostering and encouraging sound business and economic principles.

Alpha Power’s vision drives the institution towards the fulfilment of its mission, vis-à-vis becoming a world class organisation that will succeed in the market place through the delivery of quality service. Our philosophy and objective is to supply, install and service our equipment in accordance with the highest standards possible and without compromise to safety, environmental cost or schedule, thereby establishing confidence in our relationship with the customer that will give long term benefits to both parties.