Considering how common power cuts are in South Africa, we at Alpha Power cannot emphasise enough that one of the best things any company can do for itself is to install uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) for its workstations, data centres and other components of their IT systems.

The 5 Business Benefits of Uninterrupted Power Supply

The situation is not hopeless; you can limit the negative impact of planned and unplanned blackouts. Keep reading the blog as we reveal five business benefits of uninterrupted power supply

Benefit of Uninterrupted Power Supply #1: Enjoy No Breaks in Power

When the power goes off, your UPSs will kick in and ensure that the supply of electricity to your devices is unbroken. This gives you time to save your work and/or shut down properly, or to bridge the gap before the building’s back-up generator is switched on. In this way, UPSs ensure that there is no breakdown in productivity.

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Benefit of Uninterrupted Power Supply #2: It Manages Power Shifts

If there is any shift in power, whether it’s a change from mains to a generator or a surge when the power comes back on after load shedding, UPSs can prevent any possible damage to your devices. A UPS stabilises voltage through a stable power output.

Benefit of Uninterrupted Power Supply #3: It Offers Surge Protection

Surges can cause havoc with your IT infrastructure. A UPS monitors the incoming voltage and identifies spikes and surges. If a risk arises, the UPS will automatically switch power sources, stopping the spike from reaching the devices(s). The UPS will then reconnect to the main power supply once the threat has passed.

Benefit of Uninterrupted Power Supply #4: Cost Savings

Because of all the above benefits, UPSs can bring significant cost savings. It helps you to save data and saves you the costs of replacement when power surges damage your devices. It also cuts down on productivity breakdowns, which keeps your operations more cost-effective.

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Benefit of Uninterrupted Power Supply #5: It Assists with Data Protection

A UPS gives you the opportunity to save work and shut down computers properly, ensuring that current work is not lost and there is a reduced risk of hardware failure as a result of unexpected shutdowns. UPSs are thus vital to your data management strategies.

Alpha Power is Your Partner in Unstoppable Productivity

Alpha Power is a direct importer of UPSs, batteries, inverters and AVRs. We can provide you with the power sources you need to keep your business running during load shedding. Browse our product range or contact us for more information.

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