Power outages are, unfortunately, a serious problem for homeowners and businesses across the continent. That’s why we at Alpha Power want you to know that an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can be an intelligent investment, as it can provide your equipment with power for a short period.

5 Ways to Ensure the Longevity of Your UPS

Consequently, it can protect your equipment from potential damage caused by a power surge, which can fry electrical circuits and melt both metals and plastics. Plus, you will have time to save your essential documents on a computer.

It is, however, essential to take good care of the unit and batteries to ensure they never let you down. To do exactly that, here are five expert tips for extending the life of your UPS.

Extending the Life of Your UPS Tip #1: Carefully Position a Unit

It is imperative to position a UPS in a temperature-controlled environment in your home or business. For example, you must avoid installing a unit:
● Near open windows
● In areas that experience high levels of moisture
● In dusty or corrosive environments.

Avoid operating a UPS system when the humidity and temperature are higher than the specified requirements. Also, always ensure a unit’s ventilation openings are never blocked.

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Extending the Life of Your UPS Tip #2: Use Power-Saving Devices

It is possible to extend the life of your UPS system by using power-saving devices. As they will require a low power consumption, they can help you to easily manage a unit’s temperature, which can increase its lifespan. So, switch your ordinary bulbs to LED lights or CFL lamps, which are longer lasting and consume considerably less power, and invest in other energy-saving technologies.

Extending the Life of Your UPS Tip #3: Perform Routine Maintenance

Most fully discharged batteries will need to be recharged within 48 hours to prevent permanent damage. It is, however, vital you avoid over-charging or discharging a battery, as this could potentially lead to a shorter battery life or charging problems. Normal aging and corrosion can cause the internal resistance of a battery to increase, which you can test with capacity testing. If it decreases by 80% of its original capacity, it is likely the battery is cooked.

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Don’t ignore routine maintenance of the hardware, either, as this could prevent malfunctions and data corruption. We here at Alpha Power provide a variety of maintenance contracts to complement your needs.

Extending the Life of Your UPS Tip #4: Annually or Biannually Calibrate Your UPS Batteries

Calibrating your UPS batteries once or twice per year will ensure they remain in good health. It is wise to avoid doing so more than twice each year, as excessive calibration could lead to reduced battery life. It is a costly mistake you will not want to make.

Extending the Life of Your UPS Tip #5: Charge Batteries in Storage

Many people often choose to invest in spare UPS batteries to ensure they never experience a power outage. However, an unused battery’s lifecycle can decrease over time, as they will automatically self-discharge. It is a wise idea to charge a battery that is in storage every three to four months. If you fail to do so, the battery could experience permanent loss capacity within 18 to 30 months.

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