In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, many people who were previously working in offices are now operating remotely from home. At Alpha Power, we realise that the lucky ones who are able to do so can continue as normal to a certain extent. However, this means they need to take the same precautions they would take at the office – especially when it comes to power, meaning that a good UPS is still an essential item.

10 Benefits of UPS

Although there is a low risk of load-shedding during the lockdown, the possibility still remains and should be guarded against. Besides, if you regularly work from your home office and continue to do so once life gets back to a semblance of normality, then a UPS will remain a key piece of office equipment. If you’re not convinced, the following reasons covered in this blog should make the case quite clear.

Benefit of UPS #1: Break-free Power

If you experience a power failure, your UPS will kick in instantly, ensuring a continuity of power and giving you the opportunity to shut down your computer properly.

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Benefit of UPS #2: Equipment Protection

UPSs regulate the power supply to your computer, which protects your equipment against power surges and brownouts, which can cause damage to various components of your computer.

Benefit of UPS #3: Cost Savings

If you are without a UPS, you run the risk of losing work, which means lost time, translating to lost money. In addition, you could end up with damaged computers as a result of power surges, lightning strikes and sudden shutdowns. The cost of installing a UPS is far lower, in the long run than any of these expenses.

Benefit of UPS #4: Back-up Window

A UPS gives you a window to shut down your computer properly after there has been a blackout – or to change over to an alternative power source.

Benefit of UPS #5: Surge Protection

As mentioned above, a UPS protects your computer against power surges, which might result from lightning strikes or irregularities in the power supply.

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Benefit of UPS #6: Voltage Shift Protection

In some areas, the power supply can be erratic, shifting from high to low voltage. This can play havoc with the components of your system. A UPS protects against this.

Benefit of UPS #7: Power ‘Cleaning’

‘Dirty’ power can be a major problem in South Africa. This is an inconsistent power that shifts in voltage and produces ‘noise’ which can also be destructive to your system. UPSs regulate the power supply, kicking in as soon as it picks up on irregularities from the main power source.

Benefit of UPS #8: Proper Shutdown

Computers can sustain irreparable damage if they go through sudden shutdowns too often. When you use a UPS you can shut the computer down properly, keeping its motherboard and hard drive and other components safe.

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Benefit of UPS #9: Consistency

The consistency of your power supply is extremely important to your system. With dirty power and voltage irregularities, this consistency is sometimes hard to achieve and maintain. UPSs are designed to secure this.

Benefit of UPS #10: Data Protection

No matter what work you do, your data is among your most important assets. A UPS will help you keep your data safe and guard it against a loss that might occur as a result of power issues.

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